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THE PLUMBER Team - Antelope Valley, CAWhen you call 'THE PLUMBER" in Lancaster, Palmdale and the Antelope Valley CA, you have a team of qualified professionals ready to help with any plumbing problem you may have.  From faucet leaks to re-pipes, garbage disposers to hot water heaters and pressure regulators to slab leaks.  We do it all!  We are a full service plumbing company

                                               Meet THE PLUMBER's Team of Professionals

Robert Cohen of THE PLUMBER in Lancaster, CARobert Cohen-Owner & Team Captain   I started my plumbing career in 1984, in Los Angeles California.  I started as a helper, working with a master plumber who had over 40 years’ experience.  Looking back, it was a great way to start out in the plumbing trade.  We did all phases of plumbing in 100 year old plus buildings all the way to the newest homes.  I worked with this skilled and experienced tradesman on all jobs big and small.

 Starting from the bottom and working my way to owning my own business has been as much a challenge as it has been rewarding.  The part I love the most about being a plumber, is that you get to help people in their time of need.  Plumbing is one of those things that are a necessity.  Everyone needs their toilets to work!!

 I worked for a few different companies through the years and gained valuable experience and knowledge.  I have used that experience and background to start THE PLUMBER.  Our 10 year anniversary was celebrated on January 3, 2013.  

 We currently have five plumbing technicians with a vast knowledge of plumbing and drains.  We consistently keep educated on new technologies and material to help you with all your plumbing needs.  We strive to do all our work proficiently, neatly, timely, and for a reasonable rate.

 We don't want to be like a lot of those other companies that do not care about having you as a lifelong customer. They just want to make the most money possible and then move on to the next one.  We want to be your plumber for life. We appreciate all our customers and look forward to your referrals so we can help your family members, neighbors, friends, and business associates.  No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  The difference is "We stand behind our work"! We want to do everything in our power to help you with your plumbing needs and make you feel at ease.

 Thank you to all of our current customers and we look forward to the opportunity to serve new customers in the future.

 Please call us with any of your plumbing needs, big or small, we handle it all!!!   -Robert

GO TEAM! THE PLUMBER Palmdale, CA                                                   

                       Starting Line-Up For THE PLUMBER Team

Cory Oyler of THE PLUMBER in Lancaster, CACory Oyler-Linebacker-  When your drain or sewer lines get backed up, you need a good linebacker.  THE PLUMBER has one of the best linebackers in the plumbing league.  Cory is an expert at removing whats backing up your lines.  In fact, Cory is good at all aspects of plumbing.  Whatever plumbing problems you have, Cory will be able to solve.  We are very happy to have Cory on our Team! 


Brad Wade of THE PLUMBER in Lancaster, CA     Brade Wade-Center- Brad Wade is at the center of our team.  An all around team player.  Brad is our go-to guy for specialty plumbing calls.  I personally trained Brad myself and over the years he's become  a top-quality professional plumbing techlnician and quite an asset to our team. 


James Stephens of THE PLUMBER in Palmdale, CA
James Stephens-Tackle-To have a great team you need a player that can tackle any job, BIG or small.  James Stephens is that kind of player.  No matter how tough the plumbing job he's faced with may be, James can take it down.  We were very lucky to aquire such a star player.  Our Fans(customers) love him and are always happy with his performance.


Bill ?-Safety-I may not know Bill's last name and I may not know his story yet but I do know that "Safety" is a top priority to the newest team player here at THE PLUMBER.  Making sure your plumbing is left safe and free of leaks is a "Must" for this plumber and one of the reasons we wanted Bill to join our team.

More Info about "Bill" Coming Soon!  
(as soon as I have it....The Webmaster is always the last to know) -Bob/Webmaster for THE PLUMBER


I am very happy with my team of professionals here at THE PLUMBER

If Our Team keeps playing well this year, we might make it to the "Toilet Bowl" !!

(Just a little humor there.......I know what you're thinking...."very little")

Let our team of professional plumbers help you with any plumbing problem you may have.  We are a full-service plumbing company located here in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA.  A local small business here in the Antelope Valley that would like to earn your business.  If you try us out for your next plumbing repair, I believe you will call us the next time and the time after that.  Just remember, "When plumbing problems arise, who should you call?"

You wouldn't call the electrician, you wouldn't call the appliance technician, you wouldn't call the garage door repairman............  ....You would call THE PLUMBER of course!  (661) 722-6039

-Robert Cohen / Owner & Plumbing Technician / THE PLUMBER

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